Hajime Tsujimura, President of Nakabayashi Co.,Ltd.

「add + venture 70」
~ We will challenge exciting 70 themes ~

After established in 1951 with an experience of book binding business for library and a repair business for old documents since 1923, we have celebrated the 70th anniversary in 2021 while suited to the change of the market demand from paper products such as address book, photo album, notebook to office products and electric utility industry.

Our current business segment has been widely classified from “Business Process Solution” (book-binding, printing, management of library, management of examination), “Consumer Communication”(stationery, a variety of products for remote work, the products for decreasing the droplet spreading), “Office Appliance” (office shredder, furniture, dimming glass) to “Energy” and “Others”. We have always kept challenging “NEW THING” to cope with the market-change and the various consumer’s demand.

Our woody biomass power generation business (Matsue in Shimane), cultivation of garlic and production of paper straw (Yabu in Hyogo) are not only aiming at creation of jobs and contribution to regional economy but also expecting more contribution to the subjects such as “energy issue”,“food problem”,“reducing plastic waste issue”and the brand-establishment.

Nakabayashi has established and announced medium term management plan for 2021-2023 called 「add + venture 70 (adventure 70)」 in May, 2021. We designed the new goal including 70 subjects in total to enhance the corporate value by adopting to the big change of the business model and process through New Normal and DX. Our Nakabayashi Group will also tackle the issue at an increasing tempo such as optimum allocation for cooperate resource, creation of synergy among various business segments and group companies, then, create the corporate culture like all of workers being able to challenge anything aggressively and proceed with sustainable corporate governance.

By adopting to the new era requiring new value and catching the consumer’s taste as well as the market demand sensitively, we will keep providing the products and the valuable services to improve your standard of living and contribute to comfort society. We will not be afraid of any “change” and confront it to become ideal company.

We thank you for your continuous support in the future too.