Hajime Tsujimura, President of Nakabayashi Co.,Ltd.

“Total Power,
Imagination, Creation”

We have found our company in 1923 for a book binding business for library and a repair business of old documents. After that, we have started supplying paper products like address book, photo album, notebook and office products such as letter case, shredder, necessary for your office work and daily life.

Our current business segment has been including many different businesses such as “Business Process Solution (printing, book-binding, management of test, temporary staffing service etc”, “Consumer Communication (notebook, photo album, document file, child car seat etc”, “Office Compliance (office shredder, office furniture etc)”, “Energy” and “Others”. Our wide variety of products and services have been based on our technology and faith built-up through our book-binding business experience for many years.

Through our new business of woody biomass power generation business (Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture) ,agricultural business (Yabu City in Hyogo Prefecture) and sponsorship for sports, we have been, in addition to our creation of jobs and contribution to regional economies, aggressively challenging to interact with a social concern such as energy issue, food problem and healthy development of children. We believe that these activities will heighten an affinity of both regional issue and our business and also increase both our added value and brand-image.

Nakabayashi have formulated and announced “2019-2021 medium-term management plan~"Total Power, Imagination, Creation" in May, 2018. The “Six Commitments from Nakabayashi” in order to achieve our basic policy has been aiming at not only management index by number but also becoming the creative company to stir our staff’s imagination and satisfy our customers by joining forces of our all Nakabayashi Group. We will try to build diversified working styles under various numeric target and structure the work environment to allow our all staff’s imagination full play.

The market environment has been more and more changing but we will keep supplying a variety of products to enrich our customer’s lives and valuable services by sensitively capturing customer’s needs and thought. As the result, we will aim at the creative company which can convey culture to the next generation and contribute to making an affluent society.

We appreciate your continuous patronage and support.