ISO 14001

Registered Number : JQA-EM1197

ISO 14001  JQA-EM1197

2020/1/10 certified : Sakai Office
2011/1/14 certified : Sakai Factory, Kanto Logistic Center, Kansai Logistic Center
2003/3/14 certified : Nagoya Branch, Fukuoka Branch, Hiroshima Sales Office
2001/12/28 certified : Tokyo Branch, Sapporo Sales Office, Sendai Sales Office
2000/12/15 certified : Osaka Head Office

Scope of activity for registration

■Product development, management, production, sales, delivery and operation for a variety of office products, office machine, business form, shredder & compact system
■Data printing service and other related business

Fundamental Philosophy

Since 1923, Nakabayashi has developed a wide range of products for dairy use, building on the foundation of its original technology and experience in bookbinding: notebooks, refillable albums, office machines, storage containers, as well as library bookbinding services.
As a pillar of our medium-to-long term corporate value enhancement, we aim to become a leading company in life-related industries in the five domains of "Health and Medical Care," "Environment," "Lifestyle and Welfare," "Agriculture," and "Culture”.
We recognize that these business activities and products have affected the global environment through the use of energy and natural resources, and the generation of waste. It is our goal now to help create a sustainable society through the conservation of energy, the use of renewable resources, and through the design, promotion and use of environment-friendly products.

  1. Nakabayashi will observe all environmental rules and regulations, and all other environmental agreements into which the company has entered.
  2. Nakabayashi will establish environmental goals to reduce the impact on the environment of our operations, and review them periodically. While trying to prevent pollution, we commit to search continuously for better ways to address environmental problems.
  3. Nakabayashi will design, promote and use environment-friendly products in order to realize a recycling based society.
  4. Nakabayashi will actively promote its recycling related businesses, such as by designing and selling devices for the processing of recycled resources, in order to realize a recycling based society.
  5. Nakabayashi will promote recycling used paper brought on the process of production in addition to our effort of reduction of waste.
  6. Nakabayashi will take on the challenge of maintaining and improving the global environment and addressing climate change issues, which are common challenges for all humankind.
  7. Nakabayashi will make these policies known to all employees.
  8. Nakabayashi will disclose these policies to outside through our home page.

Activities & Conclusions

Our entire enforce engages in actions on the basis of enviromental policy for reducing the effects on the environment and realizing circulatory society.

Environment control system

Conclusion in 2022 & Target in 2023

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Measures Fiscal 2022 Fiscal 2023 Goals
Goals Performance Evaluation(○Achieved ×Not Achieved)
Reduction the amount uses of elecricity(basic unit)(*) Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2021)
Rised by 2.2% × Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2022)
Reduction the amount uses of petrol Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2021)
Reduced by 3.8% Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2022)
Reduction the amount uses of paper Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2021)
Reduced by 3.9% Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2022)
Reduction the general waste Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2021)
Reduced by 4.5% Reduced by 1%
(vs FY2022)
Rising sales of recycled waste paper Rised by 1%
(vs FY2021)
Reduced by 1.6% × Rised by 1%
(vs FY2022)
Increase the rate of recycling industrial waste paper The rate of recycling over 95% 96.6% The rate of recycling over 95%

*per production output and floor area

Environment performance



Nakabayashi Co Ltd has been doing their business activity for the purpose of contributing to society and responding to reliance of customers under their management philosophy. Since foundation, we have been continuously releasing a lot of paper products such as photo albums and diaries based on our original business of book-binding for library. Recently, one of our core businesses is information handling and processing services like printing the data received from customers.
The personal information for us is very valuable assets to handle rigorously and create the value. Then, we developed “management system of personal information protection” to protect it based on following the basic policy.

Privacy Mark Home Page

Basic Policy

  1. Our company observes the Protection of Personal Information Act and other related laws and codes. In addition, we maintain a Compliance Program for the Protection of Personal Information in accordance with JISQ15001, and work towards our continuous improvement.
  2. Our company uses personal information strictly for the purpose expressly granted by the customers, such as for work entrusted to the company. We do not disclose or provide personal information to any third party without the consent from the customers or an adequate reason.
  3. Our company properly manages personal information and takes appropriate security measures in terms of technology and organization to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.Besides, for the case of managing personal information out of Japan, be sure to comprehend the system of each country for personal protection law and take the security control measures properly.
  4. Our company provides regular education to all employees on the protection of personal information, Nakabayashi's Compliance Program for the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and other codes, and the proper handling of personal information.
  5. Our company maintains a section to receive inquires on personal information and handle requests from customers for disclosure of their personal information.
  6. Our company protects the personal information of our employees and job applicants.

Uses of Personal Information

  1. Personal information gathered by Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.
    • To perform tasks concerning special bookbinding, custom-ordered product, etc. when contracted by customers.
    • For communication concerning our services, products, campaigns, gifts, events and announcements.
    • To dispatch products and other related goods and perform other related tasks.
  2. Personal information entrusted by customers
    • To print entrusted data and perform related services, processing tasks, etc.
    • To sort and dispatch finished products and perform related incidental tasks.
    • To dispatch products purchased at our store on the WEB, using customer's personal information provided through WEB administrator.
    • To offer the best product to each customer
    • To introduce products and service by us and our alliance partners
      ※including utilizing and analyzing the purchasing or browsing history of our web-site by customer
    • Manage and analyze the Cookie information received and make a good use of it for proposing the best products and contents.
  3. Personal information concerning business partner.
    • To perform effective communication, workflow management and other tasks.
  4. Personal information concerning shareholders
    • To protect shareholder rights and for the performance of duties under corporation law
    • To provide various benefits under the shareholder benefits program and other programs
  5. Personal information concerning job applicants
    • To provide recruitment information and other communication to applicants, and perform recruitment, selection and other tasks. (Once an applicant is employed, the information is managed as personal information of an employee. If an applicant is not employed, the information will be destroyed after completion of the selection process.)
  6. Personal information pertaining to employees
    • To perform personnel management tasks such as the calculation and payment of wages and insurance.
      ("Employee"includes the entrusted employee from Group companies of Nakabayashi.)

The measure for safety management

  1. Our measure for organized safety management
    • Development of organizational structure
    • Set up the rules of our handling for personal data and operation in accordance with the rules
    • Development of how to confirm our handling situation of personal data
    • Development of framework against leakage issue
    • Grasp the situation of our handling for personal data and review it for safety management
  2. Personal information entrusted by customers
    • Make sure all employees are aware of appropriate handling of personal data and provide them with adequate education for that.
  3. Measure of safety management for employee
    • Manage the area to handle the personal data
    • Security against theft for device and electronic medium
    • Security against leakage of personal data by carrying electronic medium
    • Delete of personal data and disposal of device, electronic medium
  4. Measure of technically safety management
    • Access limitation
    • Recognition and authentication of the visitor
    • Protection against unauthorized access
    • Protection of leakage associated with the use of data network system
  5. Grasp the environment out of Japan
    In case of treating personal data in foreign country, grasp the system and take measures in accordance with the system of the country

May 1st, 2000 (Established)
August 1st 2022 (the latest revised edition)
540-0031 1-20 Kitahama Higashi Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. President and Executive Officer Hideaki Yumoto

ISO 9001

Registered number : JQA-1733

ISO 9001  JQA-1733

Scope of activity for registration

■Design, development and production of business form and envelopment.
■Design, development and production for binding business (such as library’s book and newspaper)
■Data-printing service and other related business (sealing an envelope)
■Data compilation work (scanning and digital-book binding)
■Design, development and production for large size shredder and eco-friendly machines (shredder, compact system etc)
■Growing vegetables closed type plant factory with fully artificial light
■garlic cultivation, harvest, handling

Registered number : JQA-QMA-13312

ISO 9001  JQA-QMA13312

Scope of activity for registration

■Design, development and production for paper products (photo album, notebook, diary, printing paper by ink-jet etc)
■Design, development and production for printed products (catalog, leaflet, label etc) and sample book
■Design, development and production for office products (files, holders etc)
■Design, development and production for office furniture and storage box
■Design, development and production for middle/small shredder and office machines (book-binding machine, note & coin counting machine)

QUALITY POLICY manufacturing section

Basic Policy

  1. Nakabayashi will observe all rules, regulations and other requirements on the contracts exchanged.
  2. Nakabayashi commits itself to continuous improvement of processes, production, quality system and service to increase value to customers.
  3. Nakabayashi will document its quality policy and quality goals, and ensure that all employee know and understand the policy and their responsibilities and rights.
  4. Nakabayashi will always make valuable products for customers, and enhance product cost performance to make our products competitive.
  5. All employees of Nakabayashi will apply their knowledge and experience to promote the growth of the organization and increase efficiency, while will create a corporate climate that can quickly respond to changes in market conditions.
  6. Nakabayashi aims to be a reliable corporation by building the management system in consideration of the environmental policy and privacy protection policy.


Registered number : JQA-IM0934

Scope of activity for registration

■Data-printing service and other related business (sealing an envelope).
■Data compilation work (scanning and digital-book binding)

Basic policy of information security

We have been pouring our much energy into our information handling and processing service including Data Printing Service (DPS) based on the data received from customer.
The data received from our customer and information asset we deal with on a job are valuable information assets to be managed rigorously on a DPS business.
We will develop the basic policy of information security and implement it in order to protect these valuable information assets and provide enough service to respond to reliance of the customer.

  1. Purpose of information security
    We have built the information security management system (ISMS), managed by DF Sakai factory controlled by the responsible person at Company to protect any valuable data received from our customer and information asset related to our DPS business from any menace and secure the confidentiality, completeness, availability.
  2. Compliance of regulations
    Comply with contractual security obligation with sincerity in addition to laws and regulations related to information security.
  3. Establishment of Risk Assessment
    Decide how to manage the risk assessment by ourselves and evaluate it for all information assets covering the scope of ISMS application. The evaluation and management will be regularly reviewed in accordance with the environmental change such as organization, enterprise, technology, society and keep improving the effectiveness of information security management system on a continuous basis.
  4. Implementation of education and practice
    We will continuously implement an education and practice so that our all employee can understand the importance and merit of information security and make appropriately use of an information asset. Any employee will be rigorously punished in accordance with employment regulation if he or she breaches the rule of ISMS on purpose or by serious fault.


The FSC® certification is the system to certify the forest has been managed appropriately in accordance with “10 principles and criteria by FSC® for management of forest” with evaluation of circumstance, economic and social aspects.

FSC(Forest Stewardship Council®)

FSC® Products Lineup

Forest Certification Policy

Nakabayashi recognizes global environmental protection as the highest priority issue. We understand, observe, fulfill, and keep the requirements of each forest certification (FSC®/CoC) as a consistent manufacturer or a supplier of paper products. We will act in compliance with these certifications.


Nakabayashi has obtained JGAP certification for their activity of garlic cultivation as the enterprise for National Strategic Special Zone (Yabu City, Hyogo). The JGAP certification is given to the farm aggressively working for food safety and environment preservation by the third party’s examination. The garlic supply will be continued under the motto of “untroubled, safety, delicious” by our challenge of both food security and sustainable farming.