Nakabayashi has been making progress since its establishment. We have wide variety of products and services and expand our business in a wide range of fields. We will provide products and services that support customers to organize their information and contribute to create a more affluent society through our constant challenge and technology improvement.

  • 1923

    APR. Yasuemon Nakabayashi started Nakabayashi Bookbinding, a magazine binding and book repair business.

  • 1929

    APR. Yasuemon Nakabayashi published his best known work "Bibliography of William Blake"

  • 1951

    JUN. Late honorary Chairman, Yasukatsu Takimoto established Nakabayashi Bookbinding Co.,Ltd.

  • 1956

    OCT. Built the largest domestic plant for library binding in Sakai (Osaka).

  • 1959

    AUG. Started to produce diaries.

  • 1963

    JUL. Changed company name to Nakabayashi Bookbinding and Printing Co., Ltd. Increased capital to 12 million yen.

  • 1968

    NOV. Began to produce a refillable album with self-adhesive sheets. Expanded as a total paper product manufacturer.

  • 1970

    OCT. Changed company name to Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.

  • 1971

    JUL. Built Sada Plant in Shimane Prefecture and expanded to produce albums.

  • 1972

    JUL. Built Kakeya Plant, and started to produce files. Expanded our business to the section of paper products for office.

  • 1973

    JUL. Built Hyogo Plant as a main plant for library bookbinding.

  • 1974

    APR. Started to produce perfo-binding machine and entered into the office machine field.

  • 1976

    MAR. New head office was built in Osaka. Head office and Osaka branch were integrated there.

  • 1977

    OCT. Listed on the secondary market of the Osaka Stock Exchange.

  • 1980

    JUN. Launched coin counting machine, expanded to the currency handling equipment business.

    JUL. Moved Fukuoka branch to Higashi-Ku, built a Delivery Center.

  • 1981

    FEB. Moved Nagoya branch and built a Delivery Center.

    JUN. Listed on the secondary market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 1983

    APR. Listed on the primary market of the Osaka and Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • 1984

    NOV. Tokyo Branch and Tokyo Delivery Center were completed in Itabashi-Ku.
    Built Hirata Plant in Shimane Prefecture and expanded to produce the paper products and diaries.

  • 1986

    NOV. Expanded to the business form printing and started the production at Sakai Plant.

  • 1989

    MAY. Osaka Branch was completed in Osaka.

    JUN. Built Shimane Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. and expanded to produce the paper products.

    OCT. Kanto Delivery Center was built in Saitama Prefecture.

  • 1990

    OCT. Built Matsue Plant in Shimane Prefecture and expanded to produce the office machinery, stationery and furniture.

  • 1992

    JAN. Large System Shredder launched on the market.

  • 1993

    MAY. Established environment related sales departments, and started selling large-capacity waste paper compressing machine (known as P-CUBE).

  • 1995

    JUL. Kansai Delivery Center was completed in Osaka.

  • 1997

    MAY. Acquired ISO 9002 in business form printing section in Sakai Plant.

  • 2000

    JUN. Acquired ISO 9002 in diary section in Hirata Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.

    DEC. Acquired ISO 14001 at Head Office and Osaka branch.

  • 2001

    DEC. Acquired ISO 14001 at Tokyo branch including (Sapporo and Sendai sales offices).

  • 2002

    JUN. Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 at Production Section (9 Plants in total).

  • 2003

    MAR. Obtained "Privacy Mark" certification for all activities.

  • 2005

    OCT. Shimane Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. started by merging among Izumo Nakabayashi Co.,Ltd. and Hirata Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. and Matsue Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.

    NOV. Miyoshi Co., Ltd. & Leaman Co., Ltd. became consolidated Subsidiaries by M&A.

  • 2006

    APR. Built Nakabayashi Trading Co., Ltd. in China as a subsidiary company.

  • 2007

    APR. 2 Head offices institution (Tokyo & Osaka) was started

    JUN. NIPPON TSUSHINSHI CO.,Ltd. became a subsidiary company.

    NOV. "Fueru Photobook" service was started.

  • 2008

    MAR. "FUERU Finebook" service (WEB bookbinding service) was started.

  • 2009

    DEC. Womanstaff Co.,Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group.

  • 2010

    AUG. Shimane Nakabayashi Sun Works Co.,Ltd. was established.

  • 2011

    OCT. Main shop of Franklin Planner opened in Yaesu.
    NTK Ishioka Works Co.,Ltd. was established.

  • 2012

    JUL. Matsumoto Collotype Kougeisha Co.,Ltd joined NAKABAYASHI Group

    NOV. Kagukuro Co., Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group

  • 2013

    MAY. Matsue Biomass Power Co.,Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group.
    NCL VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group.

  • 2015

    APR. Plant center at Hyogo Nakabayashi Co.,Ltd. started the production of vegetables.

    NOV. Revex Co. Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group.

  • 2016

    SEP. Hakkosha Co.,Ltd joined Nakabayashi Group.

  • 2017

    DEC. KOKUSAI CHART Co., Ltd. joined Nakabayashi Group.

  • 2018

    JUN. PT Mirai Internasional Indonesia Co.,Ltd. joined NAKABAYASHI Group.

    DEC. Built Osaka Branch Sakai Office in Sakai-shi, Osaka.

  • 2019

    JUN. Obtain the certification (“Kurumin”) from government as the company aggressively supporting the employee for child-raising.

  • 2020

    APR. FUJI KOGEI PRINTING COMPANY LTD joined Nakabayashi Group.

    DEC. New Osaka Head Office building has been completed in Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

  • 2021

    MAY. Hirota Shiko Co.,Ltd joined NAKABAYASHI Group

    JUL. Sunlemon Co.,Ltd joined NAKABAYASHI Group

  • 2023

    OCT. Listing changed to the Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • 2024

    JAN. Nakabayashi Co., Ltd. absorbs and merges company Miyoshi Co., Ltd. & Revex Co., Ltd.